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Weekly Unemployment Benefit - (3/21/2020)

Please note that effective immediately the requirement to submit the Weekly Unemployment Benefit Form in person has been suspended. Also, Section D or Local 1's Certification is not currently required.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: Statements stating that your unemployment claim is being reviewed/processed are insufficient when applying for this benefit. You must submit proof for each week that you have collected/received State Unemployment Benefits. This benefit is paid by the Fund monthly, we encourage you to combine multiple weeks in a single claim. Also, as required by law, the Fund automatically deducts FICA/Medicare. A Form W4 must be submitted along with this application for the Fund to withhold, Federal, State and City Taxes.

With possible disruptions with the US Postal Services and limited access to the Fund Office. All applications and related documents should bee sent by e-Mail or Text to info@ualocal1funds.org or by fax to 718-641-8155. Any questions regarding this benefit should also be submitted by email or fax. CLICK HERE for a copy of the form and instructions.

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